Monday, 30 October 2017

China: Pakistan's Lone Defender

US External Affairs Minister Rex Tillerson recently visited India and Pakistan. China is in state of bewilderment after this visit because of Tillerson's long interaction with External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj in the Indian capital. Afterwards, the two interacted with reporters. Tillerson said that US openly acknowledges the role of India as rightful. Going forward, Swaraj and Tillerson demanded together to destroy the 'heaven' of terrorism in Pakistan. It can be understood that Pakistan is getting distracted from such remarks; but China is more disturbed than ever before, it has made an appeal to whole world to help Pakistan. The spokesperson of the Chinese Foreign Ministry has stated that Pakistan is trying hard in eradicating terrorism. Actually, There is no reason why the Indo-US negotiations and the mention of Pakistan that came in it to become an important subject for China. 

India is constantly suffering from terrorism & it is no more hidden that terrorism is rooted in Pakistan. After it came in the light that Pakistan provided shelter to Osama bin Laden, Pakistani mask has fallen in front of the whole world. In the last decade, the US too, had to suffer in the Afghan region, situated next to Pakistan. That is why so many countries in the world have started to speak against Pakistan's national terrorist policy. It can be seen from the exponential decline in various subsidies and security assistance that Pakistan has been receiving for so long from the USA. There is a continuous discussion in the world regarding this matter on which Pakistan has no answer. That's why Pakistan's only defender, China always has been abashed regarding it's support for Pakistan. Now as US has begun asking India for it's assistance in blocking the Pakistani jihadist activities in Afghan territory, China has become upset about it. Because, if America-India cooperation began, China would have no use of Pakistan's friendship on its west or south border. If the jihad is fully controlled or eradicated in Pakistan, then there will be no way to beleaguer India. So China has to take the lead in advocating Pakistan. In fact, Pak now has become a lonely country in the world and it is becoming harder & harder for China to take its stand.

 Bangladesh, Sri Lanka & many other countries are also fed up with the exploitation of Pakistan's jihadist and intelligence agencies. Because,it has continued to take the minority Muslim people of any country and carry out the activities of jihadist violence. To end the Afghan war, US poured billions of dollars; but there too the Taliban or other jihadist groups have ransacked by assistance of Pakistan. As jihadi violence is spreading worldwide, its rooting will eventually come to Pakistan. Even Muslims in Arabian countries are persecuting Pakistan.
China’s  investment in Pakistan has reached $62 billion
 In the last decade, China has made huge investments in Pakistan in the light of its ambitious economic expansion, and yet China has not got any financial benefit from it. In such a situation, if Pakistan goes bankrupt and anarchic, the biggest damage will ensue on China. That's why China needs Pakistan not just to beleaguer India but also to avoid any economic crisis cropping up in Pakistan. That is why whenever the United States warns Pakistan, China gets more disturbed than Pakistan. Because, if US completely stopped its assistance to Pakistan, it wont take long for Pakistan to go bankrupt. Alternatively, Chinese investment may get wiped out in just one day. That is why appeals made by Chinese spokesman after Tillerson's visit to Delhi should be carefully reviewed. There are no threats or warnings but a mild language in that appeal. Is it not a sign of desperation which is coming from China's redundant appeal that we should not persecute Pakistan?

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