Monday, 9 October 2017

US Gun Lobby: 'Gun Culture' in America

Although the American Constitution authorized the possession of guns, Barack Obama had made an attempt to bring some restrictions by making some changes in the law during the presidency. When asked, 'What do you think is the major failure of your eight-year career', Obama said, "I could not authorize the gun control policy, that's my major failure." You can get the idea of how effective the impact of American gun lobby is by Obama's response.

Nearly 60 people were killed and more than five hundred people were injured in the untimely firing by a maniac in a music program in Las Vegas. After this horrific massacre, the matter of 'Gun Culture' will again be debated. But is some change really going to occur; the question, as usual, will remain inconclusive. This is not the first such kind of massacre. Last year, 49 people died in firing at the nightclub in Orlando. Earlier to that,a person killed twenty students at Newtown in Connecticut province. He also did an act of matricide. The list is too big. Statistically, on average, 130 people die in gun firing incidents annually. These incidents occur mainly at universities, colleges, schools, and music programs. Even though this issue has assumed such fierce nature, gun lobby supporters still advocates the essentiality of gun for self-protection.

It can be observed that rather than protection, gun is being used for attack predominantly. Political parties have to consider the changes in the law. But that is not enough. This is not to say that the abandoned violence will end only with some changes in the law. Sociological reasons behind such mentality need to be find out.

Police are investigating what was the motive behind the firing at Las Vegas. ISIS has declared that it is responsible for firing.There has been some doubt, however, as to the veracity of the group’s claim. Growing incidence of violence is a matter of concern for the whole world. And not only Asia, Africa but also the USA, the most prosperous country in the world, can't get rid of it is the bitter truth which has come to the light once again after this fatal shooting incidence.

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