Friday, 3 November 2017

Rex Tillerson's Visit Brings New Hope For India-US Relations

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson arrived in India in the last week of October. At the same time, India's new Trade and Industry Minister Suresh Prabhu returned to India from USA. Indo-US relations have reached the new height and as a result, both countries will benefit.

Currently, China is doing some worrying movements from India's perspective. China's also advocating Pakistan. On this background, discussions between Tillerson & India's Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj and between US Trade Minister Robert Lighthizer & Suresh Prabhu have given rise to new hope.

Rex Tillerson criticised China's expansionist policies, especially their interference on the sea route. He expressed concerns about the intensity of Chinese incursions in the Asia-Pacific Ocean area. On top of it; US, with the help of India, Japan and Australia has shown initiative to prepare a startegy to keep Chinese expansionism in control. The Tillersan made the statement that the whole country was completely disillusioned about Pakistan. Pakistan has given accommodation to Siraj Haqqani and two more terrorists and Pakistan should hand over these terrorists to the United States. 

In the last two and a half decades, the world's point of power has shifted from the Euro Atlantic region to the Asia-Pacific Ocean region. Chinese officials are fanatic about making their sole dominance over the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. In fact, they are trying to enter into the Arabian Sea from Pakistan's Gwadar port. In such an environment, it is fitting that the United States has taken steps to enhance India's defenses. 

In light of these events, meeting between Trade Minister of India, Suresh Prabhu and US Trade Minister Robert Lighthizer in the US, has also been a historic meeting. Since 2005, Delhi and Washington have been more active in promoting trade, and since the turnover of the trades has increased from $36 billion to $100 billion in present & both states desire to increase the turnover to $ 500 billion in the next five years. India wants US investment in various Indian industries. America's capital needs a profitable investment area. These are well-known signs that both countries can increase complementary trade.

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