Monday, 9 April 2018

Spy Poisoning: Who is the villain?

The political turmoil between the British and Russia has been triggered after the incidence of poisoning Russian ex-spy Sergei Skripal (age 66) and his daughter Yulia (33) on March 4, in Britain. Britain blamed it on Russia and ordered the  23 Russian envoys of to leave the country. Russia took similar action against the UK's envoys. In the first phase, the dispute was limited to Britain and Russia. After Britain decided to leave the European Union in 2016, it was being regarded as EU's villain.The Brexit is going to be implemented in 2019 which is also one of the reasons for the unrest in Britain. US President Donald Trump's 'America First' policy also contributed to Britain's fear that they are left alone in Europe. In the presidential election of the United States, the alleged interference of Russia has led to cause many problems to President Trump.

Under such circumstances, the British Prime Minister Theresa May has the opportunity to get the support of the European Union using this issue of poisoning. The United States has also ousted most of the Russian envoys. After the efforts of the United States and Britain, 27 countries ousted more than 150 Russian envoys.

When British Prime Minister Theresa May gave Russia 24 hours deadline, Russia's Foreign Ministry reminded her that Russia is the second largest nuclear weapon holder in the world. Russia has also been accused of increasing its chemical weaponry too. The US and Britain took the help of chemical and other destructive weapons to overthrow Saddam Hussein's rule in Iraq. The then-Defense Secretary of US- Colin Powell presented the false pieces of evidence of destructive weapons projects in the United Nations Security Committee.

Russia has asked for evidence which proves their involvement in poisoning. France President Emmanuel Macron has said that these issue of poisoning in the UK is attack on whole Europe's sovereignty. Whether it's America or any European country; Russia or China; all countries are involved in spying. Multinational companies seek the help of private spies to protect their interests. Now, cyber technology has replaced human spies. In World War II, Hitler's Germany had made chemical weapons which could create havoc. Crusader Hitler used these poisonous gas against Jews but did not dare to use these weapons in the war. Britain's then Prime Minister Winston Churchill used chemical weapons, regardless of world opinion. China is looting mineral wealth by investing in Africa. While building the headquarters of the African Union on its own, China has created a spy network that records all its operations. There is no doubt then, that incidents like Skripal will continue to happen.

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